The Art of Chilling out.

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Stress is inevitable. It is a part of our  lives. The problem is not the stress, but how we decide to manage it.

When we are under pressure, our bodies “ramp up adrenaline.” This adrenaline can overwork our hearts. One way to help is to hop on the treadmill or roll out the yoga mat. Exercise trains your body how to handle  stress. If you aren’t doing any exercise, anything is better than nothing. Walking is great inside or out. It is summer and there are outdoor yoga sessions. If you haven’t done yoga place yourself in the back of the class so you can be less conspicuous. Another idea, if you work in an office on your lunch hour take 15 minutes and go for a walk outside. Be kind to your heart and control the stress don’t let it control you.

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“It is not stress that kills us, but our reaction to it” Hans Seyle


Information compiled from Tony Rehagen, David Montgomery, MD Cardiologist, and BING images