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Wow how can it be July already?

Summer is in full swing. I thought I would give you a short Bucket list of ideas,  fun things to do this summer:

  1. Bowling outside: Fill plastic 8oz old pop containers with colored water, place them in a V shape on pavement. Use a volley ball or something similar and have at it. If you want to do night bowling add a glow stick from the dollar store.
  2. Grab an old two liter: Put holes in the bottom of it with a screw driver, hook the two liter up to a running hose and throw it over a tree branch. You have a cool sprinkler.
  3. Make your own flubber: ¾ cup cold water, 1 cup Elmers glue, liquid food coloring, ½ cup hot water, 1 tsp borax ( you can find this in the detergent aisle).

Directions: step 1 mix cold water, glue and food  coloring set aside.

step 2 mix together in a separate bowl hot water and borax, mix until borax is dissolved. Step 3 slowly add glue to borax mixture, mix well pour off excess water.

  1. Bubble Pool A very easy fun thing is take your kiddy pool fill with water and add a little dish detergent while filling. You get mounds of bubbles and the kids love it.
  2. On a rainy summer day: put on some old clothes, lay some towels and a change of clothes for everyone in the garage, throw caution to the wind and go out and jump in puddles and if there is a little mud grab a few handfuls and throw them at each other.
  3. Shaving Cream War: buy some cans of non menthol (menthol burns the skin) shaving cream at the dollar store. Get on your bathing suits and fill everyone’s hands full of shaving cream and attack J See who can stay the cleanest. Afterwards pull out the hose and clean everyone off or go jump in the pool.

With summer, comes the bugs! This summer the mosquitos are worse than normal. One thing I have found very helpful is Benadryl extra strength itch, it is a topical analgesic and it works great. Also for sun burn and bites you can take Aloe Gel, squirt it into ice cube trays and freeze. When someone in your family has a bite or sun burn you can give them a cube to place on their “Owie”

Here is a great summer recipe

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

2 boxes of ice cream sandwich (12)

2 containers of cool whip 8 oz containers

Unwrap the sandwiches and place one box in a 9×13 pan so you cover the bottom

Spread your first container of cool whip over the ice cream sandwiches

Place the 2nd box of unwrapped sandwiches over the top of the cool whip.

Spread the 2nd container of cool whip over the second layer of sandwiches

You can add any kind of candy heath bar, snickers, M&M’s, crushed oreos whatever sounds good

Freeze and then pull out to serve. You can also use Hershey chocolate syrup to spray on top.

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