Why You Should Become a Caregiver Today

The job market has seen incredible change in the past 2 years. As we all know, EVERYONE is hiring. But why become a caregiver? Why HCA and CCG?

Health Care Associates and Community Care Givers is a 42-year-old family-owned and -operated company with a great reputation in the community for providing excellent services. This reputation comes from YOU – the amazing staff we have out in the field providing care every day. The people who went to work through a pandemic: too essential to stay home, but not given the recognition and support from the community the way the “front line” hospital workers were. The staff who work holidays and weekends to care for those who cannot care for themselves.

The services you provide as caregivers and nurses allow your patients to stay at home, maintain their dignity and independence, and provide a better quality of care than other settings allow. Caregivers and nurses are absolutely irreplaceable to the clients you work with.  Becoming a caregiver allows you the opportunity to know, every day, that you are providing an important service to someone in need.

But why work for us? Caregivers and nurses are in high demand – when you’re looking at your options, what makes HCA and CCG the best choice? Why should you become a caregiver?

Health Care Associates & Community Care Givers

We are not just family-owned, but family-operated as well.  With the owners working directly with us every day, their commitment to their staff and clients goes far beyond having their last name on the paperwork.  They want to know the clients and employees personally. They want to ensure that both staff and patients have the best possible experiences.

For caregivers and nurses, this involvement means a commitment to making sure there is a work-life balance and flexibility for all employees. Scheduling will work around your family and social life. They will give you the number of hours you need while still allowing you time for other interests.

HCA and CCG also offers 24/7 support via our office staff. When you call our main number, you always receive a live person.  So, even though you work independently, you are never working alone.

We offer paid training for both caregivers and nurses, and we are happy to work with those new to caregiving – building a lasting foundation for anyone who wants to continue their career in any health care setting.

Want to become part of a company that offers flexible, compassionate and sincere care to both our clients and employees? Call us directly at (616) 531-9973 and ask for Shannon, or apply here.

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