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Strawberries are on the shelves at the grocery store and they are so good. A great sign of spring! I have a couple great recipes to share with you.



1 large pkg of Strawberry Jello

1 large or 2 small pkg of cheesecake instant pudding

1 angel food cake prepared

2 quarts of strawberry’s hauled and cut up

1 large 12 oz container of cool whip

large pretty bowl or a truffle dish

  • Mix the jello with 2 cups of boiling water
  • Once cooled add cut up strawberries to the jello mixture stir set in frig. till semi jelled
  • Cut up or tear your baked angel food cake in slices approx 1 1/2 in by 2 in.
  • Prepare your pudding according to the box and set in frig.
  • Get out your bowl
  • Start layering, angel food, strawberry mixture, pudding, whip cream, then repeat.
  • When you reach the last level (top) you can decorate with fresh berries or you can melt 1/2 bag of chocolate chips and drizzle this across your whip cream.




This is a great cake it is light and refreshing and with strawberries you can’t loose.


Strawberry or  White cake mix made according to the directions on the back. Once you pull it out of the oven poke holes in the hot cake approximately one inch apart. You can use a fork or the end of a wooden spoon.



1 sm pkg of strawberry jello mix according to directions on the box, once dissolved pour over warm cake.

1  sm pkg of van. pudding mix with one cup of milk

8 oz container of cool whip mix with pudding mixture, you can add 2 Tblsp of dry strawberry jello for added flavor. Or you can mix a handful of strawberries and mix with a mixer, pudding, whip cream dry jello and strawberries. Fold onto your cooled cake.

Place in refrigerator for a few hours covered. It is a very moist delicious cake.

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