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It does not seem possible that we will be entering a New Year in just a few days. This time of year, I start thinking of the past, what I have done this year, the good and the bad and then I look at the blank slate of 2016 and what my story will look like. We do have a  tiny bit of control of our time. I believe our time is given to us by God, but He gives us free will to do with it what we want. What are your New Years resolutions? How long do you keep them. If you are like me I start out pretty good and then I have a hard time with consistency. My other problem is I want to do 10 resolutions, I see all this good stuff that I need  to change in my life.

According to: Forbes, writer Steve Denning these are the top resolutions for 2016

  1. Enjoy life to the fullest (47.5%)
  2. Live a healthier lifestyle 41.1%)
  3. Lose weight (39.6%)
  4. Spend more time with family and friends (33.2%)
  5. Save more money and spend less (30.1%)
  6. Pay down debt (27.5%)    

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Well this is very interesting most people want to take care of their bodies, their money and stay close to those they love. All of those things are great. What is a goal you would like to achieve in 2016. It takes our brain about 6 weeks to get into a “habit”. I would suggest that you take one goal and implement it for 6 weeks. Make sure you are being realistic, change is hard so if you make it realistic you will have an easier time of achieving. If you don’t meet your goal for one day, don’t be discouraged tomorrow is a new day …..You can do it!

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

Zig Ziglar

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