“Christmas a great time of year for everyone? ” @ CCG Peds Blog



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Christmas is a wonderful time of year. The colors of lights, the smell of a fresh pine tree, family sitting around eating fudge and homemade candies. Yes, Christmas is a wonderful time. It is remembering that God sent His Son, in the form of a baby,  so that we could learn about God’s story in the form of a man.

I was sitting in church yesterday, singing and loving  all the Christmas songs. I looked around me, and God started bringing to mind people that I know and love: a man, who lost his wife, and son’s who lost their Momma to early to cancer. A  friend of mine who lost her husband, her person. Now there is an empty side of the bed, an empty chair at the table, and a hole in her heart.  Dear friends who just lost their beautiful daughter at a young age, I can’t imagine their grief. Christmas time is wonderful, but not for some. It is a very hard time, flooded with memories of good times, and loss of hope for what will never be. It could be a senior who has lost their spouse, who sits alone for meals, and most days no one calls or visits. A young man who’s wife decides she doesn’t love him anymore, and walks away.

Christmas is a “time of giving,” not just of gifts, but of ourselves. Yes it is very busy, but there are so many people hurting, we have to take time to notice and do something. It doesn’t have to be something big. It might be as small as a smile at the grocery store to a mom with screaming children,  a plate of cookies to a widow, or an invite out to breakfast. Christmas is what God gave to us. Think of a way you can show God to someone who needs it. There is plenty to do, you just need to look around.