Tips to keep your children healthy at CCG PEDIATRIC BLOG

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We are approaching the cold and flu season. Most adults get sick once or twice a season but children can get sick 6-10 times a flu season. Here are a few tips to help everyone stay healthy.

Have hand sanitizer or soap and paper towels readily available for your kids. Teach them from a young age that it is good to wash your hands often. Teach your children to say the ABC’s while they are washing, or count to 10, so that the soap has enough chance to have contact with all of the areas of their hands. Tooth brushes are cheap so if someone is ill change out the tooth (5)

Separate the brushes when someone is ill to keep from spreading the germs. Color code your brushes so each person know what color they have. Remember that germs come from fluids, the fluids that come out of your mouth, nose and eyes. Try to keep from touching those areas with your hands. This is how germs are spread. This is terrible to say but keep the sick person away from everyone else. If they are using a remote, place it in a zip lock bag to keep the germs from spreading to others. If possible allow the sick person to use one bathroom and everyone else can go somewhere else. Clean door knobs and frequently touched areas with a Clorox wipe. Another great idea is air out your house, if possible get the fresh air in. I know, in the winter, this can be very difficult but once the person who is ill is feeling better move them to another room,  air out their space, open the windows and close their door for 10 (6)

Change the bedding  in their room. Don’t forget that if they have a respiratory infection coughs and sneezes can travel at 100 miles per hour up to 30 feet.sneeze

WOW, Teach everyone to cover their mouth or nose with their arm or elbow. If you cover with your hand it is likely those germs will get spread unless you wash your hands right  away.

Little sick girl sneezing onto her sleeve because of sickness or allergies

And above all else don’t forget to get your flu shots.

Here’s to a  healthy winter!