Suggestions to protect you and your family from mosquito bites.


If you turn on the news you will likely hear a lot about politics, but also you are hearing about mosquitoes and the Zeka Virus. I thought I would give you some tips  to help you keep the mosquitoes away. I did some research and here is what I found.

  1. Mosquitoes do not tolerate any breeze above 1 MPH, they have a difficult time flying. So pick a breezy area for your outdoor party or plug in some fans outside. Also mosquitoes fly close to the ground to avoid wind . Place your fans close to the ground.
  2. Citronella and other oil repellents are ok but unless they are between you and the mosquito they don’t do much.
  3. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary thing mosquitoes search for to identify food sources. When your heart rate is elevated, your body produces more CO2. From exercise to drinking alcohol or eating spicy foods, anything that cranks up your metabolism rate will increase your CO2 production and make you irresistible to mosquitoes. Unfortunately being over weight or pregnant can also up your CO2 output.
  4. Mosquitoes cannot penetrate clothing that has a very tight weave.
  5. Supplements, such as bananas, garlic, or Vitamin B do not really help fend off the mosquito.
  6. Avoid mosquito peak hours: sun rise and sunset
  7. Professional Mosquito Spraying: make sure you ask if the company is EPA approved and just an FYI the American Mosquito Control Association does not approve of these misting systems. Make sure you check to see what they are spraying on your yard.
  8. Mosquitoes love blood type O.
  9. Don’t forget the feet, Mosquitoes have weird olfactory preferences, the Aedes variety that transmit Zika love the smell of feet.
  10. Last Mosquitoes like dark colored clothes.

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After a lot of research here are a few well recommended products, read the labels and do your own research. Remember children under 3 yo. you should ask your pediatrician for the best solution.

Sawyers Fisherman Formula Picaridin

Natrapel 8 hour

Deep Woods off 8

Either 25% Deet or 25 % deet

Picardine 8 hour protection

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus

Also strange enough Victoria Secret Perfume “Bombshell” Mosquito’s hate it !



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