Questions You May Have About Pediatric Care

**What Qualifies my child for Private Duty Nursing?

Your child must be dependent daily on technology-based equipment to sustain life.

Dependent daily on technology-based medical equipment means:

• Mechanical ventilation four or more hours per day or assisted respiration (Bi-Pap or C-Pap)
• Oral or tracheostomy suctioning 8 or more times in a 24-hour period
• Nasogastric tube feedings or medications when removal and insertion of nasogastric tube is required, associated with complex medical problems or medical fragility
• Total parental nutrition delivered via central line, associated with complex problems or medical fragility
• Continuous oxygen administration, in combination with a pule oximeter and a documented need for observation and adjustments in the rate of oxygen administration

-Frequent  episodes of medical instability within the past 3 to 6 months, requiring skilled nursing assessments, judgments or interventions.

“Frequent” means at least 12 episodes of medical instability related to a progressively debilitating physical disorder within the past 6 months.

“Medical instability” means emergency medical treatment in a hospital emergency room or inpatient hospitalization related to the underlying progressively debilitating physical disorder.

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