Jimmy and Haylee need a nurse @CCG Peds Blog


Dear Nurses,

My name is Haylee, and Jimmy is my friend.

I’m a little kid too and like Jimmy, I need your help.

You see, I was born with some problem’s and I need special care.

If you only want to help me part time, it ‘s ok, but if you like full time,

there’s lots of little kids like me who need you too! There is this really

cool agency that provides great training! ALL shifts now available

in and around Greater Grand Rapids.

Contact Miss Darlene at daliviar@hcaccg.com or fill out the on-line

application at www.healthcareassociates.net 616-531-9973.

3097 Prairie St SW Grandville Mi.

These children are not actual clients (per Bing images.)