Flu Season has started! CCG Blog



The Flu season has started.

I was listening to the news this morning and it was reported that four states are seeing spikes in the seasonal flu. If you have not gotten a flu shot it is not too late. It takes about two weeks for the antibodies to start working in your body.

The flu is caused by influenza viruses infecting our nose, throat and lungs. People with the flu leave droplets from coughing, sneezing or talking.  The droplets land in mouths, nose, eyes or on hands of  healthy people.

The best way to prevent the flu is: WASH, WASH, WASH your hands, if you have someone coughing in your home make sure they are covering their mouth and use Clorox wipes frequently on all the surfaces especially in the bathroom. Change toothbrushes. If it is not too cold open the window to the bedroom of the sick person, close the bedroom door to contain the germs this gets some fresh air in the house.

When are you contagious with the Flu? Typically it is 24 hours before the Flu develops and up to 5-7 days after becoming sick.


Keep aware people and try to stay well.

Images from Bing, Content from CDC