Fall crafts for children at CCG Pediatric Blog


It is craft time, as the weather starts to change and the days are cooler and shorter, Mom and Dad need to be more creative with indoor activities. This painting above is a thumb print tree. You can draw the trunk or cut one out made of brown construction paper or easier just use you child’s hand and fingers. They can color in the brown color for the trunk. Then put some  squirts of finger paint on a paper plate (red, orange, yellow) and let them put there fingers in it and make leaves.

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Our next project is a coffee filter leaf mobile. Place wax paper on your table for your work space. Next place your coffee filters flattened on the wax paper and paint them with water colors, bright fall colors. Use lots of water, the more water the more the colors blend. Allow the filters to dry, and fold them in  half and cut them into the shape of a leaf.  Your leaves can be hung in the window, place on paper for a collage or put on a mobile. For the mobile you can use a hanger or a dowel or a stick from outdoors. Put a hole punch in the top of your leaf and tie a piece of yarn  thru your leaf and then tie it to your mobile. You can tie as many as you like.