Extreme heat can be dangerous! Here are some tips.


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The weatherman is calling for Extreme heat and humidity.

When the humidity is high, sweat does not evaporate as quickly, which keeps your body from releasing heat as fast as it may need to.

 Here are a few tips to beat the heat:

*Drink more water than you normally do, don’t wait till you’re  thirsty to drink.

*Wear light colored clothing.

*Avoid going outside.

*Cool your car down before you get in.

*Keep your windows, curtains and shades closed during the day to keep the heat out, and block the sun.

*Buy a cooling towel ( they can be found at Walmart, and Target, they are not that expensive, less than $5.00) these are great, you run them under water and they stay cool for 3-4 hours. 40-50% of our body heat is loss thru our head (U.S Army Field Manual)  place a cool cloth on your head you will be cool as a cucumber.

*Keep your pets and children out of the hot car. If your car sits in the sun on a 90 degree day the inside of your car can reach temperatures of 138 degrees. ( A/C Pro)

Symptoms of heat stroke are:  dizziness, nausea, increased heart rate, headache, lack of perspiration

Heat and humidity speed up our metabolism. In medically fragile children this can be dangerous. When a child’s metabolism increases it causes them to work harder at breathing. If they already have compromised lungs, breathing can become difficult for them very quickly.

Image from BING