Pediatric-Care-In-Home-Health-CareWhere do I begin? Who should I ask for help? There are many questions that need to be answered as soon as possible. Start here.

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nurseWhiteLooking for help for a loved one? Here is a quick guide to help you learn what makes a good home health care agency.

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pigBank Home health care costs can get expensive quickly. Learn about the many options you have to save money on home health care costs.

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The Sanguine Temperament, Health and Positivity

THE SANGUINE The Sanguine temperament personality is fairly extroverted. People of a sanguine temperament tend to enjoy social gatherings and making new friends. They tend to be creative and often daydream. However, some alone time is crucial for those of this temperament. Sanguine can also mean very sensitive, compassionate and thoughtful. Sanguine personalities generally [...]

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Positivity and Health – Is There a Connection

There is so much talk today about remaining positive and, being quite curious by nature, I decided to look further into the subject. What does positivity mean? I found quite a few definitions, including these: 1. Characterized or expressing certainty or affirmation. 2. Composed of or possessing actual or specific qualities; real. 3. [...]

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Health Care Associates is a Grand Rapids Home Health Care agency. We serve the greater Grand Rapids area, Traverse City and Petosky. We have been in business for over 30 years and are excited to learn how we can serve you!

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February is American Heart Month. It is used to raise awareness for heart disease which is the leading cause of death for both men and women.

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