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When someone you love needs help, your life is never simple. We provide services for medically fragile children, elderly grandparents, dementia patients, closed head & spinal cord injuries and many more.

We can give you answers, solutions... and peace of mind. Click the button below or call to get information specific to your needs.


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Spring Health Concerns

    Ahhhh, spring! I love all of the different seasons, each one provides something new to explore, new adventures to embark on, new things to learn and see, but there is something about...

Handicap Accessible Parks

I did a little investigation on Handicap accessible playgrounds. With warm weather coming it just makes you want to get outside.  There is a great website that allows you to view all the playground...

Wanna go to the movies?

I wanted to pass along a great opportunity. Celebration Cinema is having special showings of movies where SHHHH isn’t allowed . Celebration is having sensory showings in a safe place to watch movies. The...