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When someone you love needs help, your life is never simple. We provide services for medically fragile children, elderly grandparents, dementia patients, closed head & spinal cord injuries and many more.

We can give you answers, solutions... and peace of mind. Click the button below or call to get information specific to your needs.


Recent Posts

Parent Resources: UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation

Monthly I am going to try and find resources for Parents of medically fragile children. I will share links to these resources and hopefully they will help you and your family. UnitedHealthcare has a...

Chronic Diseases in the United States - Heart Disease

I’ve been quite intrigued recently by chronic medical conditions. As the “boomer” generation continues to ages, the more they visit their primary physician or urgent care centers it seems. Is that the result of...

Our First Blog Post!

It is a celebration! Community Care Givers Pediatric Department is starting a blog. Our blog will be devoted to Children, Our goal is to educate, encourage, and have a little fun. If you are...