Spring, It’s Almost Here!



Well it is March, I don’t know about you but I am ready for winter to be over and SPRING to come on in. This time of year it feels so good when we have a semi warm day, to throw open the windows and smell the fresh spring air. It gives me a pick-me-up.

I thought I might give you a few tips on some spring cleaning. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming when we look at all the cleaning projects around our house. Hopefully these tips will help.


KITCHEN:  The refrigerator can be overwhelming, as one shelf gets emptied, take time to clean off the shelf with warm soap and water. It can be less daunting than cleaning the whole refrigerator. Put a new box of baking soda in your frig to give it a fresh smell, and take out bad odors.

Always make sure your kitchen sink is clean before you go to bed. Put dishes away and give it a quick go around with a Magic Eraser. (If you don’t know what this is, you need to find out they are wonderful for cleaning) It will clean almost everything. Just be careful with painted surfaces and linoleum.. it can take the finish off.

LIVING ROOMS:  In cleaning cob webs place a flannel pillow case over a broom or mop. Very quickly you can outline the room and get rid of cob webs.

BATHROOMS: Before you go to bed or while you are brushing your teeth, take time to clear off your vanity and clean it with vinegar and water. I keep vinegar and water in a spray bottle ( it is a universal cleaner). It can be used on windows or mirror, floors, sinks, showers, door handles, toilets, refrigerators , and stoves.

CLOSETS: Make a list of the closets that look like they need a makeover and try tackling one a week. Have your garbage bags ready! Put stuff that needs to be pitched in one, give-aways for charity in another, and last the things that need to be put away or stored. Did you know that many charitable organizations will come to your home and pick up items, just call and ask to make an appointment.

Also if you have blankets, throws, pillows that haven’t been cleaned in a while hang them outside on a warm day and bring the smell of spring inside.

After you have done all that cleaning MAKE SURE YOU TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. This time of year can be discouraging. It can be cloudy, drab, and depressing. Get outside and take a walk on a sunny day, the vitamin D does us good. Everyday try to think of three things you are thankful for and write them down.